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welcome to my world

Hey, my name is Raisy Clutch(Raisy Leonard O), am 17 and , i like science, this is more like my CV mobile website, it will be equiped with blogs,, downloads, tutorials and about me ..

only for smart android phones not computers


Special Skills

Namugongo Sec and voc school

Taibah International school

Other Names
Java Clutch

Raisy Maclaren

if u want me to host for you a website, just contact me on facebook or twitter, n u will get yo own mobile site,

Funny Video

check out this visual effect video i got from youtube,

size: 457KB
time: 00:00:06:00

you can watch the video online or offline by downloading it

The video is not mine and if you cant watch it online then your phone is not supported, its copyright owner is found on youtube by keywords of fly superman vfx
click here to download video: mp4(360p) - 456KB

if download fails Try Again or goto youtube

This site is under development by Raisy, for blogs, tuts and downloads only for smart phones, stay tunned
thanks to taplap.com